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What’s Important to You?

We commonly ask our Candidates to prioritise the most influential motivators in their job role using the acronym CLAMPS – Challenge, Location, Advancement, Money, People and Security.

This helps us qualify the right role for you and a company culture you can relate to, whilst encouraging you to consider what you value and what you are looking for in your new job. It is vital that you find a career that not only supports you financially, but you enjoy, feel valued and are able to continue your lifestyle outside of work.



Do you find your job rewarding, exciting and that you are presented with challenging opportunities? Some find themselves currently in stationary roles and want a role more stimulating.


Do you not mind a long commute, or do you want something closer to home?


Is there a clear career path at your current company? Are you receiving annual pay performances/ promotions you feel you deserve? With your new job do you want a clear career path and a rewarding programme in place?


Do you feel you should be on a higher salary and or have increased benefits? Or is money not the biggest driver in finding your new job?


Are the people working around you an important part of your work life? Think about the type of company culture you would like. Is it sociable and rewarding and do you look forward to going to work and seeing your colleagues?


Do you have longevity of work? Do you worry about a re-organisation or merger of the company?


Put these in order from 1-6, 1 being the most important to you. If your current role isn’t meeting at least 4 of these points, make contact and let us find you a job that does 01344 240 515 or email

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