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Skills Initiative

Permanent | Contract | Transferable Skills

Workplace Solutions is a unique algorithm based recruitment tool that matches Candidates’ transferable skills and experience to well-located jobs. This tool will enable our Clients to make better informed temporary and permanent hiring choices and will be used in conjunction with supporting measures such as interviewing and CV screening.

Benefits to Clients

Cross-sector recruitment using a new algorithm based technology

Transferable skills are a key measure, in attitude and work ethic

Our tool is highly efficient when matching a large number of candidates to lower level and temporary recruitment roles

One questionnaire can be used re-used across multiple job roles

Sourcing candidates from outside a client’s industry sector brings enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to their business

Benefits to Candidates

Candidates are encouraged to broaden their options according to their transferable skills

By matching Candidates with roles to which they are best suited increases job satisfaction and thereby productivity

Greater job satisfaction is likely to lead to career progression, longevity and ultimately greater financial benefits

How it Works

Step 1

Client works with us to tailor our online 10-minute questionnaire for Candidates

Step 2

Candidate answers a series of questions surrounding skills, experience and operating style

Step 3

Candidate shown jobs specifically suited to their transferable skills, location and salary expectations

Step 4

Candidate applies online for jobs that are of interest

Our algorithm prioritieses Candidates accordingly

Step 5

Our Consultants review CV’s and conduct telephone interviews prior to an introduction